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Flicker /Lyrics
TC Brewitz

Like a rain about to fall
Like the earth waiting underneath it all,
Like a road and you climb, climb up, but you're
Afraid to fall so you get stuck

Like a silent train, rolling in,
You'll be there and I'll give in
But until then it's fight I must fight
To make everything wrong just right

And so very fragile is this future,
It glows, a flicker in the night,
I so want to be near you,
And so I try,

In between every word
lies a garden undisturbed
And if you hold your breath it can grow
And there's no where, this can't go,

I did all the wrong things,
I said all the wrong things,
I said all the wrong things,
I know this can't be changed
Lyric Credits: TC Brewitz
Music Credits: TC Brewitz
Producer Credits: Chris Houston
Publisher Credits: TC Brewitz/Chris Houston
Performance Credits: TC Brewitz
Label Credits: Technetium Records
Song Length: 3:46
Primary Genre: Pop-Dreampop
Secondary Genre: Pop-Alternative