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A Player's Paradise
A Player's Paradise

This is the last coin in my pocket
This is all that's left to say
These neon lights, they shine for no one
A sun the burns away the day

And the boys had it together
They were young and they could play
Who jumped in the pool?
Who failed and who was cool?
And who stayed behind to pay?

This is the last coin in my pocket
And time is slowly running out
No more empty years to ponder
I clear this table, leave no doubt

But I want to see this view once more
And feel what I have never felt before
Tonight I am so sure
Tonight I am some more
Tonight you're gon'na see me shine and let me glow
You will never leave me now, I'll stop and go
Tonight I know I can do more
And I am trying not to fall
Trying way too hard, that's all

And the sun let's all this sadness melt
And all these faces will be changed again
And they'll all have their turn
And they all have to learn
To play the hand that they were dealt

But this is the last coin in my pocket
Your eyes so fine and red
I sit here watch the airplanes take off
And land softly back in bed
Lyric Credits: TC Brewitz
Music Credits: TC Brewitz
Producer Credits: Chris Houston
Publisher Credits: TC Brewitz/Chris Houston
Performance Credits: TC Brewitz
Label Credits: Technetium Records
Song Length: 3:34
Primary Genre: Pop-Alternative
Secondary Genre: Pop-Dreampop