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Iceland/ Lyrics
TC Brewitz

Green eyes of a wave
Dancing from inside
This tender wail of life pulled away
And the skies are open wide

Storm is coming I can feel the charge
So let the heavens bring
All the strangest things
I'll be where you are

When you like awake in the grass
Hear the music from afar
And I tell you now, my love, that this too shall pass
Maybe leaving a few scars, but

I remember Iceland
And how the wind would tear
So let the heavens bring all the strangest things
I still will be there, I'll still be there

Bridge and outro
And maybe I love you because we're just the same
When I'm with you I don't feel any pain
I can feel the warmth of the water and the snow melt away
I can feel the warmth of your hand holding this world in a safe place
I can see a million miles through your naked eyes
I can see that I can't run but I won't even try to cause
I am in Iceland
I am in Iceland
And Iceland is in me
Lyric Credits: TC Brewitz
Music Credits: TC Brewitz
Producer Credits: Chris Houston
Publisher Credits: TC Brewitz/Chris Houston
Performance Credits: TC Brewitz
Label Credits: Technetium Records
Song Length: 4:05
Primary Genre: Pop-Dreampop
Secondary Genre: Pop-Alternative